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Dinner 2020


Rabbi Binyomin Freilich
Rabbi Binyomin FreilichFounder
Rabbi Freilich is the founder of the school, who untiringly took full responsibility for all aspects of the establishment of Pninei Chen. Everything we are today is to his credit.
Mr.and Mrs. Baruch Bergenfeld
Mr.and Mrs. Baruch BergenfeldHonorees
When Pninei Chen became the Bergenfeld’s neighbors, they opened their home and hearts and were readily available to assist in every way, whether it was for computer tech assistance, use of their studio, or anything else the school may have needed.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. JacobsHonorees
The Jacobs have become an integral part of Pninei Chen, both by heading the Parent’s Association and by making the school a more aesthetic place to be. With their caring nature and intuitive understanding of what’s needed their acts of kindness are appreciated by all.

Special hakaras hatov award to our secretaries Mrs. N. Kramer and Mrs. S. Papenheim.

Our beloved secretaries are organized, efficient and caring. They are always available to both staff and students with a listening ear, warm smile and good word to make each person’s day special.

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Gold Ticket (Includes seating for two at the dinner and 2 free "Mazal Tov" listing.) 500.00
Silver Ticket (Includes seating for two at the dinner and 1 free "Mazal Tov" listing.) 360.00
Bronze Ticket (Includes seating for two at the dinner.) 180.00
Single (Dinner for One) 100.00
Mazal Tov (Express appreciation to the honorees with your name inscribed on their special gift.) 100.00

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